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While on a vacation in the deserts of Egypt, a young and adventurous Felix Himner, seeking a break from his harsh and disapproving parents found himself in the presence of the ancient Pharaoh, King Cock-A-Tut. The Pharaoah endowed Felix with tremendous, ancient power, thus forever transforming him in to the Incredibly hung Naked Justice. It is not known why Felix was chosen to receive this power, but one thing is certain, since his transformation, Naked Justice has taken a serious bite out of crime in Gateway City.Recently arrested for indecent exposure, Naked Justice was thrown into prison. Jeanne Darque, leader of the Guardians of the Cube, busted him out of jail in order to make him a rather unique offer: to join the Guardians of the Cube. As a member of the Guardians, Naked Justice would be the only one not "created" by the Cube.Although he has not yet officially decided to become a part of the team, Naked Justice con¬tinues to enjoy Jeanne Darque's hospitality, and has since had his name cleared of all charges by officer Pascale Dimorne.

Powers: Naked Justice possesses heightened senses, agility, strength, endurance and stamina. But perhaps the strangest aspect of his powers is that he can project bolts of lightning from his erect penis! Since his powers are deeply rooted in the ancient magicks of Egypt, the complete limits of his abilities are to date unknown.